The streets of Capri inspire Sofia Capri's style names

Via Tiberio for Sofia Capri

Inspiration abounds in every corner of Capri. From the deep blues and greens of its clear Mediterranean waters to the bright yellow lemons that fill the trees across the island, every Capri moment is an opportunity to capture in our designs.

Capri signs inspire Sofia Capri sandals

Each of our sandals are filled with the authentic Capri spirit, from the hands of the local artisans that stitch, assemble and craft each single pair of sandals, down to the colours and textures of the leathers and materials. 

Via Camerelle loves Sofia Capri sandals

Capri's charming lanes and winding alleys are where we got lost in and stumbled into the inspiration for our very own brand during our first trip to this island. As a tribute to this serendipitous encounter, we chose to name each of our sandal styles with the name of a street or lane of Capri. Via Camerelle, Via Caterola, Via Vanassina...each lane and sandal style reflects its unique part of the Capri spirit. The best part? That when you buy and wear a pair of Sofia Capri sandals, you step into a little piece of Capri and walk down its charming lanes - all across the world.