The lure of the handpainted Capri tile

So what is it that inspires the creative spirit of our Head Designer, Silvana F. Molaro? The colours, scents and landscape that bring the island of Capri to life, of course - they are unforgettable. As you get lost in the charming little lanes of this Mediterranean island in search of gelato (as you do when in Italy), you won't miss the hundreds of eye-catching ceramic tiles that decorate the walls and pavements of Anacapri, Capri and everything in between.
The origins of this ancient practice of placing a hand-painted tile outside each home on the island are actually unknown. The oldest hand-painted tiles that have been found here date from the late 1700s, and are thought to have been used to mark out the villas of the wealthier inhabitants from those of their simple islander neighbours (take about visual snobs...).
Today, this colourful art continues to inspire Sofia Capri's designs, with our Via Acquaviva and Via Marucella sandals crafted using leathers that feature the unforgettable Capri tile motifs.
So what are you waiting for? Walk in the footsteps of tradition and pure Italian design and pick up a pair of Sofia Capri's handmade leather sandals inspired by a colourful piece of Capri's heritage.