The Sofia Capri style that is loved around the world

Mariano di Vaio, Italy
Do you know why we have such a passion for what we do? Because through the simple yet rich sandal-making craft, we connect with lovers of genuine, slow fashion from all four corners of the world. With each pair of sandals that leave our Italian workshop, an invisible thread is woven between ourselves and you.
Chriselle Lim, USA
Season after season, our artisans' hands have sewn, stitched and hand-crafted individual sandals that have flown to corners of the world as far flung as Fiji, Antigua, Japan and Lebanon. 
Miss Gunner, Bali
Nothing delights us more (well, maybe gelato does, but that's another story...) than seeing messages from our favourite fashion influencers drop into our inbox with styled pictures of their favourite pair of Sofia Capri sandals. Photographs that circle the globe thousands of times over, inspiring style lovers from all walks of life to celebrate the Sofia Capri way of life - grounded in tradition but flying on the wings of Capri's Mediterranean spirit.   
Tiany Kiriloff, Belgium