Sofia Capri joins Livoos to Celebrate the Gift of Giving

Livoos and Sofia Capri

Sofia Capri is honoured to be launching a curated selection of its sandals on, the first company in the world to donate 50% of its revenues raised through the sale of niche, luxury brands to charitable causes.

The collaboration reflects co-founders Rossella’s and Silvana’s strong belief that a conscious business in any industry is one that recognizes its potential in positively affecting others. To that end, both founders are active in fields beyond fashion which extend into the educational and startup fields internationally. As Sofia Capri gradually expands, Rossella and Silvana aim to not only raise awareness as to the importance of preserving the heritage that lies behind the traditional craft of Capri sandal making, but also to engage in social activities with the purpose of empowering women and children globally.

Through the sale of each pair of Sofia Capri sandals, the causes of Cesvi and Give a Future - which are active in the fields of education and microfinancing - are positively supported.