Eco-luxe tailoring meets the Capri sprit with BAV TAiLOR collaboration

As individuals and co-founders of Sofia Capri - an artisanal brand that brings an age-old familial craft to the world - we are hugely passionate about slow fashion. This is a spirit we bring with us both in our creations as well as in all of our collaborations (including the capsule collection we launched with bijoux brand Tamarzizt) - and this season, we are absolutely head-over-heels in love with our latest collaboration with eco-luxe niche brand BAV TAiLOR.
In the brand's latest collection entitled Śūnyatā, the threads are inspired by the ethos of emptiness and detachment as a sustainable movement towards the concept of less-is-more, evoking silence and serenity within the senses.
New crystal energy nuances enrich the colour palette of white moon for clarity and connection, submersed with aquamarine for expression and knowledge and malachite green to invoke an aura of renewal, growth and purification, amalgamated with hints of angelite grey for soulful healing and protection.

Honouring the art of making fashion by hand, BAV TAiLOR's latest campaign features some of Sofia Capri's signature styles of handmade sandals, pairing effortlessly to celebrate humanity and attention to every detail.