Do the hula with HULA!

Think of the word 'hula' and images of Polynesian damsels swaying in grass skirts are sure to spring to mind. But over here at Sofia Capri headquarters, HULA has a whole different meaning - think global marketplace, and one that is shaking up the fashion industry with style and sustainability. And no, there are no grass skirts involved.
One of our latest digital stockists based out in Hong Kong, HULA is a platform that re-sells amazing luxury and niche brands with the aim of reducing fashion waste and sharing a sense of timeless style rather than following trends. 
And our favourite part? Not only does HULA support a more sustainable way of shopping, it also aims to give back to the community, donating a minimum of 5% of the profits to charities. What's there not to love?
So click over to quick, pick up a pair of Sofia Capri leather sandals (all made the Italian way - of course) and join the circle. Join HULA!